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ok im pretty fucking wounded
I don’t feel well at all

rvkmovies: Don't die. I'd hang out with you

Thank you, its really groovy that you’re so nice ☺️ I wish we could hang out.

I’ve never been an emotional person, in concerns to relationships at least. And the person who I’ve sacrificed myself entirely for year after year is moving. And so I go to say goodbye as a means to keep friendship… You know after at least 6 times of breaking it off because hes a masochistic narcissistic asswipe. Trying to be genuine. I bought him pizza and coke and brought it to his work. I drove 20+ miles to see him. And he tells me he’s not hungry, throws away my coke and tells me to leave after 30 minutes of him talking about how great he is. He invited me mind you.

I sacrifice myself for no one except this person. And it’s garbage. Everything is phony and in genuine and I hate everyone.

I will never meet anyone who meets my values of sincerity. People are sick and untrue and I hate being a human-being.

I want to die someone hangout with me

Anonymous: I poop in the nude